2002 Kia Spectra Q&A

2002 Kia Spectra Question: how do i remove the drums to adjust the brakes ?

i recently purchased this car and try to remove the drums but they have a cover over the hub nut and could not remove it !!!! -
Answer 1
the center cap needs to come off to remove center nut. does the backing plate have adj slots as most cars do -
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Also , some have a removable rubber plug on the front of the drum (like some toyota & honda & I'm sure others).If the plug is on the front of the drum then of coarse you'll need to align the opening with the adjuster mechanism. Avoid over-tightening by applying and releasing the parking brake then making sure the drum still spins.If parking brake is self-adjusting , then you'll need info on that , to release it before adjusting the shoes otherwise it won't be correct.If you're not familiar with the proper procedures you should take it to a shop , doing things the right way are not always as easy as they sound ,and the wrong results can be dangerous. -
Answer 2
You do not remove the cap from the bearing. Your car has a floating drum meaning it slides over the hub unit. There may be 2 Phillips screws holding the drum to the hub you will need to remove. If the drum does not easily come off spray with rust penetrating oil and let sit for 5-10 minutes. Then hit the drum between the studs with a hammer. Being careful not to hit the studs. -
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I like this answer a lot better than mine! -