How do I remove cv axle on drivers side? on 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee

I have it all apart but cannot get the axle to release out of the transfer case no matter how much pressure I am getting on it. Any suggestions how I can get it to pop out so I can put the new axle in?

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is this a 4x4? if so the frt axles may have a clip inside frt diff
yes it is 4x4. There is a split ring clip on it when I look at the new one. Everything says it should pop out with not much pressure.
try 2 heal bars that should do it
Agree with greg.That's kinda what we call those bars here in Va. too.
I have tried the two heal bars and then rented a CV axle remover tool. Got it to budge about a 1/4" is all after much hammering. Trying to push the axle back in thinking that may readjust the split ring but can't get axle to budge at all. I am at a loss. Any other suggestions?
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I have same jeep and have replace axles,
You need to hit the cv shaft with 3 pound mallet and chisel.
Get under jeep and you got to hit if hard and just right and it will pop out!
If you pry you will only damage the seal and that's about 25.00 from dealer.
You can do it!
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