2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Q&A

2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Question: How do I remove cv axle on drivers side?

I have it all apart but cannot get the axle to release out of the transfer case no matter how much pressure I am getting on it. Any suggestions how I can get it to pop out so I can put the new axle in? -
Answer 1
is this a 4x4? if so the frt axles may have a clip inside frt diff -
Comment 1
yes it is 4x4. There is a split ring clip on it when I look at the new one. Everything says it should pop out with not much pressure. -
Comment 2
try 2 heal bars that should do it -
Comment 3
Agree with greg.That's kinda what we call those bars here in Va. too. -
Comment 4
I have tried the two heal bars and then rented a CV axle remover tool. Got it to budge about a 1/4" is all after much hammering. Trying to push the axle back in thinking that may readjust the split ring but can't get axle to budge at all. I am at a loss. Any other suggestions? -