2005 Lincoln Aviator Q&A

2005 Lincoln Aviator Question: How do I remove and replace the tail light?

Don't know how to get to tail light. -
Answer 1
The tail lamp assembly gets unscrewed from the lamp body to the vehicle with the tailgate open. Bulbs get replaced once the lamp assembly is removed. -
Comment 1
So that means the interior trim has to be removed first...Correct??? -
Comment 2
No, you should have access to the lamp without having to pull any trim panels. -
Comment 3
The interior trim covers access to the lamp area..I just wanted to make sure you did not pry loose the rear light unit from the exterior of the car... -
Comment 4
OK, I stand corrected; I was going by recollection rather than anything else - no shop manual shows how to remove and install the lamp. -
Answer 2
need to remove tail light to replace signal light bulb -
Answer 3
Don't know how to get to tail light -