How do I remove and replace Rack and Pinion. What is best price? Parts and labor. on 1992 Nissan 240SX

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I have a slow leak in Transmission Fluid.
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If I'm reading this right, you poss. have two different problems, one Rack and Pinion and one Transmission.
What makes you think that the Rack and Pinion needs to be replaced?
Are you sure that the transmission is where the leak is coming from?
Sometimes it may appear that there is a leak towards the bottom of the engine compartment or in the Transmission area when in actuality, the leak is coming from somewhre else.
If you need this diagnosed properly you can call one of our four stores @
1) Willowbrook (281) 890-9400 3) The Woodlands (281) 465-9410
2) Champions (281) 370-7900 4) Cypress (281) 304-7833