How do I know whether or not the transmission or engine needs to be replaced? on 1994 Chrysler LeBaron

First of all this car leaks a huge amount of oil. Secondly, it has no heat. Twice I guess I did not let it warm up enough because when I put it into drive, it only would go in reverse. The front breaks were recently replaced as well as the air conditioner. I also had to put in a new starter and new battery. I spoke with a mechanic that told me they had done work on this car previously. They said they replaced the water pump and timing belt, changed the oil and some tires. Another problem I noticed was my check guage comes off and on if I step on my breaks too hard or making a sharp turn. Is this car redeemable? Is it safe to drive? How much money am I looking at to have these repairs?

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time to move on and purchase a newer car
I was afraid of that, but I appreciate your response.
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Your car needs to be replaced...there will be NO MONEY left to look at if you decide to fix this vehicle.
I'm sorry to hear that, but thanks for your response.