How do I know if a sub frame is bent? Lower control arm bushing is cracked. on 2001 Buick LeSabre

Mechanic said it is bent. Auto insurance co. & three body shops say it is ok , just cosmetic. I hit a high curb in a parking space going very slow. How do I know if the sub frame is OK?
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Phil Morey

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Hard to see with by eye. Usally if something is bent it will show up on a alignment rack. Some of the angles that are not adjustable like set back, toe out on turns, thrust angles, and center line will be out of wack. If a alignment specilist cannot get your caster, camber setting in a acceptable range it may indicate something is bent. We commonly run into a bent steering knuckle in a case like you discribe. Not nessasarly a bent sub frame.
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get a four wheel alighnment it should say if its off and by how much and then you should then know what to do
Have a 2000 Ford Taurus and replaced both ball joints, control arms, axles and struts.

Also, added Moog K8909 camber plates and set them to +1.4 on each side.

Now the RH camber is -1.5 and the LH camber is -1.3.

Why is the camber so negative after replacing all these parts and adding the camber plates?

Before adding the camber plates the RH was -2.8 and the LH was -2.0.