how do i install the crankshaft pulley? on 2002 Ford Ranger

i removed crankshaft pulley to replace oil seal then found out there was no keyway...can't seem to get it timed correctly

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You need special tools to line up the crankshaft and camshafts. Should have researched this first.
i only took off the one pulley...did not mess with anything else
so what tools and whats the procedure? do i have to open the timing cover to set the cam? can i set just the part i took off?
If you could put it back exactly as I was without marking everything you would be a professional. The reluctor ring is on the pulley and it has to be perfect for the crank sensor to read #1 for firing sequence. If you get lucky it might run. To do it right there is a tool to install through the block to line the crankshaft and another to align the cams then the bolt to hold the pulley at #1 and a holder for torquing the crank bolt.
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