how do i install power steering pump and does it have a bleed valve on 2000 Nissan Quest

power steering pump was installed 3 weeks ago did not bleed the pump now it whinong again and making a bubbling noise is there a bleed valve on this pump

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Bleeding Hydraulic System

1. Raise front end of vehicle until wheels are clear of the group.
2. Add fluid into reservoir tank to specified level. Then quickly turn steering wheel fully to right and left and lightly touch steering stoppers. Repeat steering wheel operation until fluid level no longer decreases.
3. Start engine. Repeat step 2. Incomplete air bleeding will cause the following to occur:

a) Air bubbles in reservoir tank
b) Clicking noise in power steering pump
c) Excessive buzzing in power steering pump When this happens, bleed air again.
Fluid noise may occur in the valve or power steering pump. This is common when the vehicle is stationary or while turning the steering wheel slowly. This does not affect the performance or durability of the system.