how do i get the turn signal switch out of the sterling colowem
on 1993 Chevrolet Cavalier

my turn signals won't blink when i use them

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I would look in the owners manual or a repair manual for the flasher location and replace it first. The turn signal switch will require some specialty tools to get to it. Check fuses, also.
First i don't have a manual for repairs and what tools do i need and how hard is it to take out?
You can get the repair manual for about $25 at the parts store with the flasher unit and their info may even say where the flasher is. It is typically under the d/s dash at the steering column area or fuse box. Still say you do not have the tool assortment needed to pull steering wheel and switch. The steering wheel puller alone is about a $100 kit even if use the cheap tools. Do yourself a favor and do the flasher first or go helter skelter into the column but don't say I didn't warn you.
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We did everything. It obviously is in the steering column. The owner manual says be extremely careful because of the airbags. Not a laymens job...