1993 Mercedes-Benz 300SE Q&A

1993 Mercedes-Benz 300SE Question: how do I get my sunroof back on track to open and close properly.

Sounds like the motor is working and the roof is just off track & stuck closed. -
Answer 1
the sunroof is not "just off track". be glad this happened with the sunroof closed because if it was open, you would have to fix it. once you find a diagram of the sunroof, you will begin to appreciate how complex the drive mechanism is. if the tracks are clear, the first step is to remove the headliner (3 hours) to diagnose the problem. as a MB shop, I have never had a 124 or 126 owner repair the sunroof for that reason. -
Answer 2
It only took me abour 5 to 10 minutes to remove the sliding interior roof liner in my 126. -
Comment 1
did the sliding interior panel fix the sunroof problem?? -