how do i get a window fixed on a 2000 jetta with out paying over a 100 bucks on 2000 Volkswagen Jetta

moter in window works because i can here it if i press the window up button at first i thought it was shattered because it sounded like broken glass in a grinder ... but its not i beleave it just needs too be put back on track

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Can't get much work done for that amount these days. The sound you hear is
whats left of the regulator that will have to be replaced with NEW one. Don't
try to put in a used one, be the same thing in a short while. Ckeck Adv.Auto.
they have a good replacment i have used lots of with good results.This job
needs to be done by someone with knowledge of this repair,sug. glass shop.
Good luck.
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you don't unless u do it yourself and then you may cause other issues
Accually the Jetta door glass is not a difficult installation. You can buy the glass new and used from.
They even send you detailed instructions on how to replace the glass for all makes and models.
That's good to know thanks.
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