how do I fix the vaccume hose problem so my cruise will work? on 1997 Dodge Ram 3500

I have a really bad transmission leak...every 200 highway miles I have to put a quart in and it only leaks while in drive and nuetral, if its in park it doesn't leak

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It's best to fix the transmission leak before it gets worse and "drains" the transmission causing serious/expensive problems.Cruise control is a secondary and less important problem. Cruise control has electrical inputs, and usually some sort of vacuum actuator that pulls on the throttle linkage, any auto parts store will have a vacuum hose if you bring it in to them they will match it up for you.
thanks for input....i already fixed the transmission leak and replaced vacuum hose the problem I having now is when I get to 1/4 tank of fuel it wants to die and its very hard to get acts like its out of fuel