How do i fix the emergency brake.....?? on 1991 Toyota Camry

the emergency brake also, isn't working....

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depends on whats wrong. could be handle, cable or in brake system
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What shape are the rear shoes in? if they are way out of adjustment that will also affect parking brake. The shoes should be adjusted BEFORE the cables , if the cables aren't frozen.
It is most likely the cable that has caused the E- Brake to quit functioning properly. You will need to trace the cable from where it enters under the center console or right under the vehicle where the lever is located or where foot pedal for push e-brakes are located. Once you find what you believe is the cable trace it back to the rear brakes and look for any damaged sections that are cut, rusted, or hanging. Replace the entire cable of necessary or just adjust the tension on it accordingly (usually if not broken or it works but does not hold the vehicle then this indicates a simple adjustment issue).
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