How do i fix ; replace the PCM module on 2001 Ford F-150

Did a fault code check got, code P1518,P1401,p1409 Unknown power train DTC 3x

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'Reply' here for code info!!
Thank you for the response,I know what the error codes stand for : P1518 (intake Runner control stuck open }
P1401 (DPFE sensor circuit) P1409 (EGR vacuum regulator)
The F150 4.2 V6 I recently purchased does not have an Intake runner control , So I think the the engine has a wrong PCM module installed? or should i just replace the P1401 and P1409 ?
Try this ... Research both 1401 & 1409... Read ALL (Ford) info for these codes... It's not the wrong PCM! .. You're correct about the IMRC...
Thank you "Sir"
You bet