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2002 Chrysler 300M Question: How do i fix my gear shifter that is stuck in 1st gear

I just arrived home and i tried to put the car in park, it wouldnt go to park so wen i tried to put it back in drive something came loose nd it was stuck in first gear. The gear has been "sticky" for abt 2 weeks now but nothing like this. -
Answer 1
From your description, it sounds like the shift control cable is binding or broken. The shift lever inside the transmission may also be damaged. -
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what do i do to fix it? -
Answer 2
Its kinda simple for a quick fix I have the same issue right now. First u must pop the center piece that surrounds the gear shift, as well as the bracket that surrounds it. Then u will c a pink thing towards the front under the gear mount. Put ur finger down there and push back as u have ur foot on the brake n shift out of park.that was the quick answer u can go to YouTube n search stuck in park for a video of how to repair it n u can Google stuck in park for a better detail version of my answer but it works. -