How do I find why rain water enters my sun roof and gets in the cabin and the tr on 2008 Cadillac CTS

Occurs whenever it rains.

Asked by for the 2008 Cadillac CTS
Get a water hose and sprayer, simulate a rain shower. Have someone in the vehicle to watch for the water to locate the leak. Check the sun roof drain, may be clogged.
Thanks for the suggestion. I tried that but was not able to locate a drain. I should have told you that I could not find the drain hole. I assume a plastic drain hose funnels the water to a safe place. Since the sun roof/solar screen combo. obscures the rear of the sun roof track, it was hard to spot.

Back in the dark ages (1964 VW) my sun roof leaked leaked while under warranty -- the dealer kept changing the rubber gasket to no avail. It was easy to find the drain/exit hose compared to the Caddy. Anybody know how to find it? Thanks trk
Google it. Or try YouTube video search on your car sunroof drain.
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