How do i find out what is wrong with truck. Wont run,
pcode 1693..Wont scan on 2001 Dodge Ram 2500

I know P code 1693 is a companion code... I used a snap on scanner and it said no communication. could not get any other codes out either.. I have replaced ecm on fire wall, still no start.. How can i find out what it is if scanner wont pickup any codes ?? We know the scanner works.. Pcm on side of block what does that control ? Injector pump ?? NEED HELP !!

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first of all, you need to have the ecm flashed before installing or it will not start.
put your old one back on.
this code is complicated as you need a shop with experience on the 5.9 to pinpoint the failure. it may or may not be the pcm. there are several modules that need to work to make this system come on line.
a standard scanner such as snap on are not factory scanners that are much more precise in doing the diagnostics.

you are better off letting a shop check this for you.