How do I expose the washer lines running to my rear window washer? on 2009 Dodge Caliber

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When I try to spray windshield washer fluid to clean my rear window, it sprays but not on the rear window. When I open my hatchback, there is fluid running down the right side of my hatchback. I removed the sprayer yesterday and tried the washer without the sprayer and still no fluid. I then looked back in my hatchback and again, there was fluid running down inside my car on the right side again. I probably have a leak in the supply line running to the sprayer but I don't know how to expose the line to fix it.
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First look along the top of the rear hatch for a broken hose. The plastic trim panel on the inside of the hatch will have to be removed to see more. If not equiped, get some help.
Would this be the long straight panel that runs horizontally at the top of the hatch?
Have someone activate washer while you look for the leak.
I would like an answer to this also. My Caliber has the same problem.