2002 Ford Focus Q&A

2002 Ford Focus Question: How do I drain my fuel tank? Apparently I got a tank full of bad gas.

Someone put something in my tank one night last week, and car was running very rough. I went and filled up on High Octane gas and put some STP fuel treatment in the car. It continued to run rough and died out about 20 yards from my house. Pushed it the rest of the way. Pulled the timing cover off to make sure it did not jump time, but it is still perfect. When I try to crank it, it seems to be close to starting. Changed the spark plugs because I dropped one and broke it. I have compression and fire on all four cylinders. -
Answer 1
I would have your vehicle inspected and verified that there is contamination... -
Answer 2
you must drop tank to drain but verify its bad 1st -