How do I determine if my widow motor is bad or it's just a fuze? on 2005 Lexus ES330

how can I tell if the motor that raises the right front window is burned out or it's just a fuze or a switch that is preventing it from working?

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Take doorPanel off to access window regulator moter. Unplug the Motor use a test light probe one can be bought at any auto parts store. ground the probe gator clip and check each prong on the plug. operate the window switch and check each plug prong. You should get a light when you push the UP on the window switch and when you push Down on the switch you should also get a light indication with your Tester. No light on the tester means you have a possible blown fuse. If UP and DOWN tester lights that means you have power to the MOTOR and the Motor is either locked up or simply BAD. Good Luck
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If the other windows are working its not the fuse, could be the switch or motor