How do i depress front brake calibers? on 1997 Infiniti QX4

I'm not able to understand how to drain or depress the front brakes on my infiniti QX4 model 1997.I desperately need to know how as it can possible be sent,it would be very much appreciated. Thank~You Very Much
Tara Z.

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There are tools you can buy for about $15.00 or so at the auto stores or you can use a large pair of chanellocks. You would place the old pad aginst the piston of the caliper. Then put the chanellocks on that pad and the outside of the caliper then squeeze. I recommend paying the money for the tool at the auto store. Just tell them your trying to depress a caliper and if they have a clue what you mean they will show you the tool. You may even be able to rent it and when you return it get all of your money back.
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