How do I crank my car with ignition not in it? on 2003 Chevrolet Impala

My ignition locked up and the key wouldn't turn so I drilled out the ignition and I can turn it over but it won't crank what should I do?

What you should do is put a new cylinder lock back in it. You are messing with a body computer that is supposed to be programmed with the key in the lock cylinder. After you put the new cylinder lock in it, you will have to try to program the key with the body computer. If you have gone this far, try this for programming. If this doesn't work then you will have to have a dealer program it for you. After you have put the new cylinder lock in follow this procedure: With the battery hooked up, turn the key to the start position,then let off of it to let it return to the "Run" position. For 10 minutes, watch the security light blink and notice how many times it blinks before the battery light comes on. After 10 minutes has gone by, turn the key to the off position and wait for 5 seconds. Then, turn the key to the start position again(if it starts, then you have completed the install of the new lock cylinder) if it doesn't start, then follow the 10 minute procedure again and again noticing how many times the security light is blinking. If it doesn't start again then do the 10 minute procedure again. Now I am trying to save you some money by telling you to do this procedure so if this doesn't work,then you might have to take it to a dealer to have it programmed.