How do I clear the security light? Do I have to have to use a scanner on 2003 Buick Century

My moms car was stolen and after she got it back she had a problem with the starter and had to use a screwdriver and thats when the light came on... Car still starts and runs fine, now just want the light out. Can you reset it any other way than with a scanner

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If all is well with the security it shut itself off, probably need to scan to see if there is still an issue.
Would that require a "snap on" type scan tool or would a obd diagnostics scanner work. She can start her car and drive, the light has been on (when ignition is on) for several monthsnow. I was actually wanting to know how the erase or clear the light
It needs to be a professional type scanner to be able to resolve the security issue. The light will normally NOT be able to be cleared without resolving the issue first.
I underwtand the issue needs to be resolved... I really have yet to get an answer, so you sayvprofessional. Do you mean the dealer or better yet, WHAT KIND OF SCAN TOOL does it require to read the security codes
I have many different ones. The one I use for GM vehicles is a Tech2 which was made specifically for GM. It will do anything the manufacture allows and what the dealer uses. Other brands can do a lot of things on this vehicle but unless the issue isn't resolved with the security the light can not be shut off or cleared unless it no longer exist. Does that make sence, no hard code can not be cleared with out it coming back on if it is still a recognized fault.
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