How do I clean the inside of my headlights on 2004 Oldsmobile Alero

We live in the desert and there is sand in my headlights . How do you take them apart to clean the inside.. there is a dirty film on the inside makes it hard to see at night

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or replace with new
Thank you both.. My husband said there is no way to get into the light itself, Unless there is a tool to open it. and you can see the sediment inside He cleaned the outside. I have a feeling we should have done an accident report when we bought it and the seals must be broke on the light . The car is a 2004 and has another year on the door.. that tells me it was in an accident. I guess replacing for new would be the best bet.Thank you again
try calling pac auto in orange co.calif. they sell cheaper aftermarket lights for like 1/2 the price.
Thank you will do ...
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you will have to take the bulbs out are you sure its not on the outside because they have kits to clean the lens