How do i clean a (IAC) Idle air control valve. if you can? on 1997 Dodge Avenger

how do you clean a IAC valve on a 1997 dodge avenger 2.5L v6

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no cleaning, just replace it. the orfices are too small and cannot be acessed to properly clean it.

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Remove the Throttle Body from the engine. Remove the Throttle Position sensor and Idle Air Control Motor. Do not lose the O-rings. Clean the throttle body bore and passages and throttle plate with Throttle Body Cleaner (purchased at your local Auto Parts store) using a 1" square piece for Scotch (green) abrasive pad, (cut if off a sponge or buy at local hardware store) until clean. Clean the tip of the IAC motor only. Do not disassemble the motor. Do not immerse solvent to clean the motor.
Clean with pad or shop towel.