how do I check the fuel pump relay switch for electrical current on 1996 Chevrolet S10

my fuel pump doesn't come on when I turn the key, I just replaced it so I know the pump is good, I need to check to see if its in the wiring but don't know where it would be located

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This relay is inside the cab, behind the lower trim panel under steering wheel, remove this panel. Now there are two relays there, for the fuel pump, it's the one to the right or closer to the radio!! They do give some problems!! I just changed one awhile back, can't remember if the two will interchange, i just replaced it, if they look exactly alike, swap them and see if that helps. Note, they are fairly small relays as compared to the ones found under hood. Go to NAPA and get the part # listed below, other parts stores are going to sell you the wrong part, or use this number as a crossreference at other stores!!!
(NAPA part # ECH AR172)
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relays usually have a wiring schematic on the case of the side of relay. you can follow that to actuate the relay and check resistance or continuity.