how do I change the transaxle bearings on a Chrysler 200 lhs on 2000 Chrysler LHS

all the rubber under the car has been replaced . I still have banging in the front end , I am getting a noise on the right side , no vibration .Between 20 and 50 mph it sounds like I have a winter tire on , all the tires are new, also two new drive shafts . when I put in the right drive shaft there is a lot of paly back and forth but the left side is tight . If the bearing is bad this would cause that, I did replace the wheel bearings

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No play should be there, recheck torque on axle nut...
thank you for your reply , the play is not by the wheel nut , it is where the half shaft goes into the transaxle , that's where there is a lot of play and I was wondering if the transaxle bearing being too lose would cause this problem
Not unusual to have play it leaking fluid from that seal? Make sure axle is seated into transaxle properly......I think you have a hub bearing that's causing the winter tire noise.....BOTH sides need to be checked!!! PARK BRAKE ON!!!.....Jack one side up, start car and put trans in it up to about 35 mph, or so, then shift to N and cut key off,,,listen for noise..FROM DRIVERS SEAT..then do the other side same way....may need helper so you can listen @'ll find it!! TEST "BOTH" SIDES!!!
Banging noise...hum....check all steering/suspension componets..brake pads and caliper all test results...good luck!