How do I change the thermostat in the 2002 PT Cruiser on 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Yestersay a garage wanted to charge 800 dolars o do it. It ran hot one day. Took it in the nexst day fior a pressure test and it passed. However water is still overflowinfg and I hear gurggling when I stop.

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I suspect you and the shop have had a comunication break down. The thermostat would never come close to that kind of money and its probaly better chance the overheating issue could be another problem all together. Cooling fan issues are not uncommon and then the cost that you was qoated may be in that range if its a cooling fan issue. As for the prcedure for the thermostat is listed below.

Remove upper intake manifold.
Partially drain cooling system below the thermostat level.
Remove upper radiator hose from outlet connector.
Remove coolant recovery system hose from outlet connector.
Remove coolant outlet connector bolts.
Remove thermostat assembly, and clean sealing surfaces.