how do i change the oil? on 2005 BMW 545i

how do i change the oil and where is the oil filter ?

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BMW call for 5/30W synthetic engine oil with very long oil change intervals (for piece of mind I like to change it more frequently. The engine oil drain plug is at the bottom of the oil pan and the oil filter is a paper element cartridge style filter, not a conventional spin on oil filter like most cars. The oil filter housing is either on top of the engine with a large nut cast into the top of the filter housing that you use to unscrew the top off to get access to the filter or may be at the bottom of the engine next to the oil drain plug. Hopefully someone with BMW experience will see this question and respond.
On my 2004 545 the oil filter is on the bottom of the engine near the drainplug
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I have a 2005 545i - The oil filter and the Drain Plug are in the same location. Looking under your car via driving up on a set of ramps or on a lift you will see a small access panel about 8" by 8" remove the screws and you will see a drain plug and the filter. it is a very simple process to drain the fluid and replace the filter. Take your time and ensure you replace the drain plug tightly. After draining the oil use the proper oil 5/30 full synthetic fo my car it take 8 1/2 quarts(Castrol is recommended)run the car for 15 min let cool for 5min and then check for leaks to ensure you have everything tightened properly. Check your oil level and you should be good.
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