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2003 Volkswagen Beetle Question: How do I change my milege read and temperature READOUT back to farenheit?

I got gas today and pressed in the button to bring my amt. of mileage back to zero to keep track of how many miles per gallon I am getting and my mileage read went to celcius and so did my temperature and I do not know how to get it back to farenheit. HELP. -
Answer 1
Check owners manual. -
Answer 2
Check your manual. It is usually in the menu section of the control option. If you want us to check this out please call 313-562-7022 or schedule an appointment on line at StansGarage.net. I am sure we can diagnose it and give you the answer you need. Larry -
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If I had a manual I would have checked it. Obviously, I do not. Can you email me the info I need....to change my mileage indicator back to fahrenheit. thx. in advance. -