How do i change deicer under throttle body gasket? and how to flush radiator? on 1999 Land Rover Discovery

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Leaking antifreeze forn under throttle body, ordered new gasket kit, need to flush radiator because i had to add antifreeze and it was the wrong kind - green - instead of dexcool red. Any special parts/tool/ instructions i need for this vehicle?
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You shouldnt need any parts but i highly recommend that you reconsider the use of dexcool in your vehicle... It has a tendency to cause clogging of smaller passages, over pressurization, coolant starvation to critical chambers around the block; especially in newer motors, when over heated, or not kept in a pressurized sealed system (i.e. a leak in your coolant system). You can google a lot of the issues with fact you can actually void some factory warranties (Honda,Acura,jaguar, etc...) by simply running dexcool in your vehicle-obviously not a problem on a 99 Disco. I realize in your location you have some spefic concerns with cold (unlike here in houston,tx) but you may want to do some serious digging around about dexcool before you use it. Dexcool is marketed as being able to mix with any antifreeze, so mixing with green shouldnt be a big deal if in small amoounts.