1997 Dodge Neon Q&A

1997 Dodge Neon Question: how do I adjust the tilt of wheel?

steering wheel is stuck in down position. how do I lift? there is no lever that I can find -
Answer 1
Don't you own an owners manual? -
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vehicle was purchased used -
Answer 2
Typically the lever is on the left bottom side of the steering column. It may be kind of seemless at the bottom of the column. Feel around and look around and you will likely come across it. -
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there is nothing there I have spent hours looking before asking -
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The owners manual indeed will have information regarding the tilt wheel. You can seek out a manual at the following link: http://repairpal.com/automobile-owners-manuals-online There may be a small fee from Dodge to customers getting access to manuals online, but it would probably be handy to have access. Good luck. -