How do change the radiator on 1993 Ford Crown Victoria

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Radiator is leaking alittle bit. Car over heats when I stop.
(1) Answer
1. Turn lower fan shroud in upper fan shroud to allow clearance for fan shroud removal.
2. Disconnect cooling fan electrical connector at righthand side of fan shroud.
3. Remove radiator upper sight shield.
4. Loosen fan shroud from its radiator mounting, then remove lower radiator hose from supports on fan shroud.
5. Lift fan shroud and electric cooling fan assembly out of vehicle.
6. Disconnect transmission oil cooler inlet and outlet lines from radiator.
7. Drain engine cooling system.
8. Disconnect upper, lower and de-aeration hoses from radiator.
9. Remove two upper A/C condenser core to radiator attaching bolts.
10. Remove radiator support attaching bolts, then the supports.
11. Lift A/C condenser core enough to disengage lower retaining clips on radiator.
12. Remove radiator from vehicle.
13. Reverse procedure to install.