how do change the headlight bulb on the milan? on 2008 Mercury Milan

I have tried to do it, but i can not seem to fit my hands down where the bulb is to remove and replace. Am i missing something that needs to be removed before I get to the bulb?

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My daughter came to me to see if I could replace a burned-out low-beam on the passenger side of her Mercury Milan. After studying it for some time and almost giving up I finally checked the owner’s manual. It pointed out that there is a bulb access door under the front passenger-side wheel well. I found it, removed the screw and the bulb access door, and was able with some nimble finger work to replace the bulb. It was really neat the way they designed it. But it almost made me take the car to a dealership for what turned out to be a fairly easy repair. When in doubt, read the instructions!
This made it so easy!! You are right When in doubt read the instructions!!!!!! Before I read this I had half the car apart.
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I had the same problem and had to take the car to the dealer to remover the bumper for them to do that. I hope there's a better way b/c that was expensive.
Sorry to hear the dealer screwed you. leave it to Ford to have a set up like this.