How do change the alternator on 2000 SE Flex Fuel? on 2000 Ford Taurus

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Can't I just loosen the serpentine belt and remove the bolts holding the alternator in place to switch it out? Saw some other answers talking about lug nuts and other parts that don't appear to be in the way. Note: I am assuming alternator because one by one electrical items (i.e. radio, then power windows) stopped working while car was running. After a few minutes the car finally died and will only click when cranking. I assume it is the alternator.
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The battery needs to be tested also. Seen in many cases the battery going bad, not able to hold a charge and cause the same symptoms. Best choice would be to recharge the battery and drive it to a repair shop and have the battery and alternator tested.
Thanks. Already have the battery out to do just that. Hoping that is it. But if not I really thought the replacement looked simple for the alternator. Descriptions I found online seemed to over complicate it.