How difficult is it to replace right front signal bulbs? Can anyone help? on 2006 BMW 750Li

Sometimes I get a warning message that the right turn signal is bad. I took the vehicle to the dealer and had it checked they said is the two turn signal bulbs. The cost was $105.00 I said NO I got the two bulbs for $5.00 and now I need to replace them. Can someone help with the replacement?

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Typically, there is some work involved in replacing the turn signal lights, depending on the lighting assembly. In many cases, it involves removing the bumper. However, replacing the lights for your 2006 BMW 750Li should not be too heavily involved and it should only take half an hour to replace. In any case, we have a BMW factory trained technician at our facility and we'd be more than happy to take care of the light replacement for you. *Just be careful, if you try to replace the lights yourself and force it, you may run the risk of looking at a more expensive fix.