How difficult is it to change the water pump? on 1996 Honda Passport

My water pump went out and all the water in the radiator runs out on the ground. I am not a mechanic, but is it something I should be able to replace?

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nope. you need to do the timing belt, all the pulleys and tensioners and thermostat as well. very involved and you could cause engine damage if you install the belt incorrectly. take it to a shop.

Thanks, Roy! That's all I needed to no.
I started working on my water pump before I read this, cause I have changed one on a chevy. This is definitely much more time consumer and tougher. I am no mechanic by any means. Its a struggel and you have to make sure you have plenty of tools. if anyone has more help for me that would be great.
Take it to the shop or you might be sorry you did not.I work on very sensitive equipement and you dont want to mess up your car .