How difficult is it to change the spark plugs on a 92 Dodge Caravan? on 1992 Dodge Caravan

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We were told that you have to remove the top of the engine in order to change the plugs....??
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Not our first time ever, just on this particular vehicle ... It is a 3.3L V6, how do you get to them?
Follow the plug wires. The front are easy , the back is tougher to get your hands and tools to.Removing the upper intake plenum might be an option , depending on your skill level and dexterity. If I remember correctly , the '95 (with 3.3L) was the same or similar and I removed the alternator to get my arm around to the back plugs. Still couldn't see what I was working on , but my hands 'knew'. Again , it depends on your skill level.