How difficult and do i need any special tools to remove my alternator on a g35? on 2007 Infiniti G35

What do i need to remove in front of the alternator to get it out?

Asked by for the 2007 Infiniti G35
Usually when people do not know what tools to use, better let someone else do the work.
No discrespect intended! This can be a tricky job. More than meets the eye.
But if you are going to try it, remove the NEG. battery cable FIRST thing.
Is that the cable with the - minus sign?
Come on man! YES.
ok that s disconnected . what s next?
Start taking stuff off until you get to the alt. then remove it! Reverse procedure to install.
Good luck!
thanks bud for your help . i got the old one out and the new one in .that wasnt hard at all.thanks
That is record time! Good deal.