How damaged is my engine due to a fuel injector failure? on 2012 Porsche Cayenne

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I had a fuel injector failure (engine light came on, car shuddered). I was advised today that the fuel injectors have been replaced, and the spark plugs have been replaced, but the car still is not running correctly. Now they are testing to see if the valves have been damaged due to the large amount of fuel dumped into my engine. This vehicle has less than 16k miles on it. Is this going to effect the vehicle in the future?
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can wash cylinders down causing loss of compression. should still be under warranty?
Yes, it is still under warranty, and it's still in the shop as well.
sorry to hear that. hope it's fixed soon.
Thanks. I heard back from the service advisor. They are opening a case with Porsche because one of the cylinders is running low pressure. He thinks due to the low mileage there is a 50/50 chance they will just replace the entire engine.
Come on, This vehicle has less than 16k miles on it. and is going to effect the vehicle in the future. that's impossible!

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