How could i know if my 2008 dodge charger is leaking or burning oil? on 2008 Dodge Charger

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my 2008 dodge charger is loosing oil,when i do the oil change it loses approximately 1 quarter every single week.The engine is not emitting any smoke or making any noise . Also, i check for any possible leak, but i did not find any oil residues at all.I take my car to the dealer and the mechanics said they couldn't find the causes of the oil loss ?
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what eng and how many miles on car
51800 miles on car and the engine is V6 3.5L rear traction
What engine and how many miles on it? how many miles do you drive a week?
it is a 3.5l has 51745 miles and i drive like 280 miles per week.
If I read your original post correctly , then you are losing a Quart of oil for about 300 miles of driving.That is a lot of oil for the converter to burn off without seeing any smoke! I don't know how you visually checked for leaks , but you may have one that only leaks under higher pressure (RPM) and also is in an area that blow-back wouldn't be that obvious.Get recommendations for a good independent shop that can do an oil change with dye added (to check for leaks after driven).And also have it scanned (live data not just for codes/pending codes)and watch the fuel trim and O2 sensors for converter function.I've only seen one engine burning almost that much oil(1/2 quart every 800-1000 miles)and that was due to a cracked valve seat (honda element '05 15K miles)I guess dodge warranty is 3/36K not 5/60K and that you don't have any warranty recoarse?from a different angle do you know what oil is used at regular oil change ..brand/viscosity? I've seen a couple of things on other sites mentioning the type of oil making a difference.
thank you so much for your very well explained advise...i really appreciate it. Do you know any good shop where i can take my car? i live down here in Miami Florida
I wish I did. West Va. is a long way from Miami! Best suggestion I can give is to ask , ask and ask friends for references of shops they've been to and when you here a name more than two times and they don't have to advertise a whole lot to get business I think I'd go with that. Good luck! Thanks for the feedback !
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