How come i don't have alot of power going up hill when my rpm's are below 3000? on 1994 Honda Civic

When i go on the highway and i do about 65 for about 20 minutes. I notice that my engine decrease in speed and acceleration. When i return to a stop after on the highway at a light. i press on the gas and my gar doesn't have power and i have to ease on the gas pedal. And also when i go to a stop. My car rpms drop so low to where my car starts to shake a little. Im thinking it might be some kind of Misfire , or i have gotten told maybe its the timing belt . If you could give me advice that would be very awesome . Thanks. Hope to hear from you again.

Asked by for the 1994 Honda Civic
have a diag done. could be misfire or poss plugged exh at early stages,which will cause a misfire at times
people keep saying it could be my timing belt also or my volves re adjust
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