How can you tell if your timing belt needs replacement on 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe

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I know that after 60,000 miles, it is recommended that you replace certain belts in your car (i.e. the timing belt, drive belt, etc.). Is there anyway to tell if the timing belt needs replacement, other than the obvious breaking down or taking apart the engine?
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A timing belt will first start to show signs of wear by getting small cracks in the belt, and eventually the teeth on the belt will get cracks and eventually the teeth will break off, causing the engine to stop operating. The problem is that when this happens, internal damage to the engine will occur, so that is why Hyundai recommends replacement at 60,000 miles. You DO NOT want to wait on this repair!
If you go past 60,000 you will regret that. If the timing belt breaks on your car you will suffer engine damage.
Dont be tight get this belt replaced NOW! If this belt break you will feel sick when you get the repair bill.
just bought a 2006 santa fe limited with 3.5 engine drove it 46 miles and transmission blew I got the transmission rebuilt for just under 3000 dollars now I'm worried about the timing belt failing the engine has 73.000 miles on it and according to car fax it says all drive belts changed in 2014 whould that include the timing belt thanks

On my carfax, it says timing belt and water pump changed at 63k miles and their is a sticker under the hood saying this.