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2001 Buick Century Question: How can you tell if there's water in your motor or not?

It was flooding in my home town, and I needed to get to work. The water wasn't to high, I'd say about 12"-14". I was driving through slow, and another driver from the other side drove by me faster than ever and caused a wave to fly on the hood of my car and it caused it to turn off. I already changed the air-filter, starter, and changed the oil, which had water mixed with it. I am currently going to change the spark plugs and wires, it turns over and wants to start but doesn't fire-up. I also let my motor air dry, took off my air intake so that my carburetor will evaporate the excess water which I also put a little heet in for the water vapor in the cylinders and fuel injectors. So far everything I tried doesn't work, I was wondering if anybody else had a problem like this. -
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