how can tell if I'm having problems with the crankshaft

on 1999 Toyota Avalon

I recently had the engine flush and had oil and oil filter change, but they also had to replace the oil pan gasket, all this been done about 6x and now the car is leaking oil, and clicks when i try to start it, but after a couples of tries it start up with hash clicking sound then it stops, how can i tell if its the crankshaft or the oil pump, what when this happen?

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chances are there wont be anything wrong with the crankshaft take the oil pressure switch out and hook up a gauge to check the oil pressure
where do u find the oil pressure switch?
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oil pan gasket leaking STILL LEAKING after SIX times??? find out exactly where it is leaking from...possible crank seal, valve cover gasket, cam seal, rear main seal...metal to metal clicking sound is not good, have the oil pressure checked (at normal temperature, oil pressure should be 4.3psi at idle and 43-78psi at 3000rpm) if not = BAD Oil pump...if okay = highly possible clogged oil galley (highly possible due to the engine flush...all the gunk may fall into an orifice and clog something ...starving a passageway of oil)... continue running in this condition and you WILL have crankshaft issues!
good call #2