how can pc module go from standard to automatic , new part wont install on 1998 Ford Mustang

took car to locate ford dealership to have a programmable key made, got car back and it wont go in gear, 20 minutes later we were back at dealership and they claimed the pats was bad, replaced that, it wasn't problem, now, we are trying to replace the pc module and they say it wont install,3 weeks later we are waiting for our car

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They have access to Ford North America's technical department being a dealership, they should be able to get this fixed promptly. A 1998 Mustang is not that complex.Perhaps call Ford NA customer service and get them to intervene/solve the problem.
I have called ford customer service, only "answer" i get is all parts are programmed , they just wont communicate with each other unless the pc module is put in automatic , and my car is manual transmission so that will not work