how can lower left ball joint be removed, how and what tools are used on 2002 Dodge Dakota

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This replacement should be left to a qualified technician as special tools and skills are required. Improper installation can result in failure and loss of vehicle control.
Remove the cotter pin, nut lock, and spring washer from the front drive shaft. (4X4). Remove the hub nut and washer from the front drive shaft.
Raise the vehicle. Remove the tire and wheel assembly. Unload the torsion bar spring load by turning the adjuster bolt counterclockwise. (Mark and count the turns) Remove the adjuster bolt, bearing,swivel, and anchor from the torsion bar. Remove the stabilizer bar retainer bolts and retainers from both the lower suspension arms. Swivel the stabilizer bar away from the lower suspension arm. Remove the shock absorber lower mounting bolt.
Remove the rear lower suspension arm mounting bolt and loosen the front bolt. Remove the front drive shaft bolts from the inner CV joint flange. Remove the driveshaft. Remove the front ball joint cotter pin and nut. Seperate the ball joint from the knuckle with special tool C-4150A (Remover). Support the knuckle with a jack stand and raise the jack up to gain access to the lower ball joint (SUPPORTING THE KNUCKLE).
On vehicles equipped with ball joints that are retained with a snap-ring, remove the snap ring. If the vehicle's ball joint is not retained with a snap ring (joint retained with four stakes), Remove the four stakes on the ball joint flange using a chisel and hammer.
Remove the ball joint boot. Remove the ball joint using special tools C-4212–F (press), 8345 (receiver), and C4212–3 (driver).