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1995 Honda Civic Question: How can I troubleshoot my Fan Control Lever when it becomes inop? Or my fan?

Fan control levers positions 1 and 2 to became inoperative this week, but I still have use of 3 and 4. My air and heat work fine. What could be the problem? My control lever or the fan itself? The car is 16 yrs. old with under 90k. It's time something on the interior went, lol! -
Answer 1
blower motor resistor is bad. easy fix. under the right side of the dash by the blower motor. Roy -
Comment 1
So, it's visible and easy to fix and the blower doesn't have to be removed, I take it? -
Answer 2
yes its probably your blower motor resistor. usually the wires coming from the blower motor go right to the resistor. -
Answer 3
Agree two philips screws hold the resistor into the heater blower motor housing. Wires on resistor are blue/black, blue/yellow, blue/white, and blue. -