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1999 Ford Ranger Question: How can I troubleshoot code P0750 Shift Solenoid A Malfunction

Recently replace my 3L V6 with Automatic Transmission and when I drove it after replacement, my truck seemed like the parking brake was on..just wouldn't move forward very much at all. I can manually shift through the gears with what seems like full power. In gear 2, the check engine light comes on (but not in gear 1 or drive). The code error is P0750 Shift Solenoid Malfunction. My thought is it is electrical, since this problem did not exist prior to engine replacement. Can any share any thoughts???? Thanks. I am at a loss -
Answer 1
maybe there is a circuit problem in that solenoid -
Answer 2
you may have pinched wiring in bell housing or left something unplugged. you could get a free est from aamco then fix yourself -
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That was exactly what I initially thought. I double and triple checked for pinched wires or unplugged items. I found nothing of the sort. I considered using a multi-tester to troubleshoot it, but not sure which wires are for Solenoid A. Do you know the color coding? -
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no sorry maybe I can get it Monday for you -
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Thanks. Anything helps right now. I appreciate the input. FOLLOW UP: I found the problem. It was just a bad wire. Once fixed, the truck ran perfectly. Thanks for the assistance! -