2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse Q&A

2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse Question: how can i tell if its a clutch or trans problem only moves at very high rpms

i have full clutch pedal and pressure but car only moves when the rpms are very high it doesnt matter what gear even reverse. never heard a noise or pop but did notic a few days before an the day of the problem a little harder to shift into 3rd gear the trans is covered under warranty the clutch is not. Any advice would be great. -
Answer 1
If you have the vehicle in gear can you let the clutch off does it move when at idle? If not i would suspect clutch issue. -
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no it does not only moves at very high rpms -
Comment 2
Replace clutch assembly! -
Answer 2
You might have a need to adjust the clutch pedal. If you continue to drive it like you are you'll be doing a clutch job. Contact me at jmgrhm30@gmail.com for directions in adjusting clutch pedal. -
Answer 3
Smell anything burning??? -
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If nvt2 smells something burning then it's past any adjustment. He will start smelling something soon if he doesn't adjust the pedal. -